Monday, January 12, 2009


I think I can understand why Ernest Hemingway spent so much time down at his favorite watering hole in Key West. As I understand it, he wrote from 8am until around 2 pm each day and then put the cover on his Smith Corona and headed to Sloppy Joe's for a few cocktails. Maybe that was to avoid the inevitable Writer's Block that seems to afflict most Serious Writers.

I keep a list of potential blog titles for those rare times when I can't think of anything to post about and am tired of Music Monday (like today). So here they are:

1) "Spinach is a Verb"The uncertain consequences of eating healthy

2) "The Price of a Penny For Your Thoughts Has Gone Up" Racie’s household money-saving tips

3)"My Next-Door Neighbor is Crazy and Unstable" Self-explanatory

4) "Mercenaries Are People, Too" Unlikely job alternatives for these uncertain times

5)"Why Didn’t Any of the Cartwright Boys Have Girlfriends?" Didn’t they all get tired of Chinese food?

6)"I Am Tired of Calling India For A Repair Man" Am I being charged for this long-distance call?

7) "Gratuitous Vacuuming" The Dyson siren song

8) "Does This Diet Make Me Look Fat?" Why do I gain weight when I diet?

Obviously I haven't used any of the above titles yet in a post. If any of them seem of even vague interest, please leave me your comments and I will expand on one of them. Right after I get back from Sloppy Joe's.


  1. Ok- in the words of my favorite mouse hero-HERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAY!

    Because your letter--ye who tempts me to give ye a Q or X or Z, is.........


    Have fun!

  2. I was just about to ask you to expound upon the glorious Dyson (I have a bit of a love affair with mine, as does my Sweet Hubby). But then I read Lorrie's comment & think that may be a better idea!!

    You can get back to those Cartwright boys later. Because now that you've mentioned it, I do find that odd.

  3. Is the Dyson really that great? because I HATE to vacuum, but I'm not opposed to spending vast sums of money on should I buy one? Will I then love to clean? Will the Earth spin round the other way if that happens?

  4. Yes, Thystle, it's that good. Just ask Paco, Sheila and Sweet Hubby.

  5. I was actually a bit upset when, for my birthday a few years ago, Sweet Hubby bought me a Dyson for my birthday. (long story - he bought be a vacuum cleaner several years before, but I had ASKED for it. Big difference.) But, one turn around the house & I was swooning. The fact that we could have created another Great Dane & about 4 large Milk Bone dog bisquits with what that sucker (haha - get it?) picked up sealed the deal.

  6. I was at Sloppy Joe's a few weeks ago. I should have just stayed there and waited for you.

  7. I'd like to hear about the Siren Song.

    Does your Dyson make a hideous revolt like sound on certain areas.. areas.. it probably shouldn't be on?? Just wondering.
    Scares the crap out of my kids and doglets.


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