Monday, January 5, 2009


Monday is usually reserved for my weekly music selection but I am making an exception today because of what arrived in my mail over this past weekend. It was a white envelope with something lumpy inside and I started shaking it to try and figure out what was in it (because tearing open the envelope would have been too easy and spoiled the suspense).

Paco: “I don’t think you should shake it, whatever it is. It’s making those ‘crushed’ noises. For pity’s sake, please just open the frappin’ envelope. You’re driving me crazy.”

Finally I decided I had to find out so I opened it and out popped a large packet of wheatgrass seeds as pictured here. There was a note in with it that read “Grow Your Own Yoga Instructor!” and was signed Sheila and Sweet Hubby. I completely cracked up and, laughing hysterically, showed it to Paco. For those of you who follow “The Continuing Adventures of Sunshine Wheatgrass” you will recognize the reference to my yoga instructor, who I often do battle with over issues of personal space, yoga blanket protocol and wardrobe choices.

Paco examined the packet and the note and then said:
“I don’t get it. Why did they send you a packet of Wheatgrass seeds and can you eat them?”

Me: "Yes, you can eat them after you grow the grass, but that isn’t the point of the joke. They sent them to me because of my posts about my yoga instructor, Sunshine Wheatgrass. Oh, never mind. I forgot, you have never visited my blog so you wouldn’t know about Sunshine except what I mention to you after class. And please remind me again why you won't visit my blog."

Paco: “I don’t visit your blog because I am living it everyday and get to experience the real thing first hand. I couldn't deal with also having to read about it. That would be too much, even for me."

Thank you Sheila and Sweet Hubby. I will plant the wheatgrass seeds just as soon as the ground thaws out and also thank you both for being Kool-Aid Drinkers. Maybe one of these days we can get Paco to take a small sip.


  1. LOL, oh, that Sheila is a riot! That's some seriously funny stuff right there.

    Also, I tried to do yoga once and I'm still not over it. It's very demanding. I mean, really, if I was meant to bend like that the ground would be littered with diamonds and Godiva.

  2. When I met Sweet Hubby at the grocery store that day, he already had the packet in the cart. He wasn't going to get it until he saw that it said 'Liquid Sunshine' -- too much of a coincidence to not buy it.

    I'm just glad it made you laugh as much we did!

    To be honest, that packet is probably as close as I will ever get to Miss Sunshine herself. She scares me.

  3. maybe Chris can find me some seeds that makes dog poop disappear...

  4. Did you get the marijuana I sent? Ermmm, wait-maybe that package went to Thystle.