Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I agree with Lorrie (“Our name is blog”) that one of the best things about going on vacation is the seemingly endless blog-worthy material generated on these junkets. At least I think it’s blog-worthy. I suppose someone somewhere might not agree, but they don’t have to read my blog. I bet they don’t even have their own blog so I’m not too worried about their opinion. I have a tendency to worry what others think about me but as long as they remain anonymous I will continue to write unfettered. Like Rush Limbaugh, if I worried about what other people thought about me I would never leave the house. Having said that, I really do wish he would stay home.

Now to answer a couple of questions about my last post: no BJ, the photo on my post “Shakedown on the Dinghy Dock” was not Officer Prentice. He would not allow me to snap he photo being as how he is a Super Secret Port Authority Big Shot working the vice and terrorism beat on the Dinghy Dock in Nevis. So I did what any self-respecting blogger would do in need of an illustrative photo for their post: I stole it off the internet. The fact that it happened to be a photo of that somewhat confused and slightly effeminate patrolman from Reno 911 is not my problem. Paco recognized him immediately, which I find disturbing, but the therapist says not to worry. It’s probably just some middle-aged, curious faze. At any rate, Officer Prentice did not appear to be batting for the other team and his uniform was actually white, but otherwise the similarities were incredible.

Second, Kwr221 asked if I was in St Kitt’s last week when she was there and yes, I was! I can’t believe we were both on the same tiny island at the same time and there was not some kind of feeding frenzy from the reporter's pool there. I mean, doesn’t everyone in the Eastern Caribbean know who we are? Apparently Homeland Security knows exactly who Lorrie is and are ardent followers, so why wouldn’t the folks on St Kitt’s know about Kwr and me, too? Anyway, I’m sorry we didn’t hook up but if I gave out specifics in advance of all my vacation plans Paco and I would be inundated with paparazzi and we wouldn’t have any peace. Next time I will place a classified ad in the local newspaper with some cleverly worded clues revealing my plans, like “Yes, Mrs. Barnes, look for me in the window wearing the purple hat.” The more intrepid of my followers will no doubt be able to figure out my destination. No need to broadcast it.

Meanwhile, I will continue to fill my Steno pad with clever entries about my travels and try my best not to embelish them where possible. It's only when someone I meet is not very funny or interesting and therefore not potentially entertaining blog material that I have to get creative. Fortunately, for once Officer Prentice made my job as a blogger really easy.


  1. so I shouldn't tell anyone that I will be at Coconuts in Cozumel in case of emergency? or in case of sudden need to finding drinking women? or ceviche? or great margaritas? or an incredible view?

    damn, Im so ready, I could spend my last three days at the friggin airport waiting. They probably won't let me in, I'll get arrested, and miss the whole fucking trip. That would be a HUGE drag.

    I plan on coming back with stories, real or imagined, so stay tuned.

  2. ps love the photo, that will be me on my 90th bday....
    and I used your wallflower deal on the rant club...go look

  3. What is the Rant Club and can I join? Paco would very much appreciate my having another venue in which to vent. I think he is growing tired of my after-work kitchen tirades. No sooner does the wine come out of the fridge then I am off on another tangent about (1) my boss (2) the economy
    (3) my boss (4) bad drivers (5) my boss my boss my boss

  4. Reality is overrated...back to vacation I say!!

  5. Welcome back Gee!

    You can find a link to rant club at www.thirdontheright.blogspot.com. Come rant about the boss.

    Glad you had a good trip and you managed to avoid all the fitness models that were probably hanging out at St. Kitts.