Thursday, March 19, 2009


There's nothing like a little Karma on a Monday afternoon to brighten one's day. Having survived my week of Kitchen Duty last week and manage to steer clear of Brenda after our run-in, I got to witness her making a complete fool of herself, not that I would ever take pleasure in that, of course.

It seems Brenda decided to make a pot of black coffee this afternoon and then ran back to her office to make a phone call. Unfortunately, she forgot to put the coffee pot back on the burner, causing scalding coffee to spill all over the kitchen floor. I happened to be walking past the kitchen door when this was unfolding and caught sight of her, mop in hand, cursing her stupidity. I couldn't help myself and blurted out "Gosh, I'm sure glad it isn't my week for Kitchen Duty. What a mess!" at which point Brenda looked up from her mop and just glared at me.

Call it Bad Karma or whatever, but after last week's derision I couldn't help but gloat.


  1. God I used to HATE the community kitchen at both of my two prior jobs. Filthy, slovenly, entitled people leaving messes that others had to clean up.

    Bought my OWN mini fridge and never stepped foot in there again!

  2. Is the Kitchen Nazi related (by blood or by marriage) to Sunshine Wheatgrass perhaps? I detect a resemblence...

  3. Brenda does not appear to be related to Sunshine, although they certainly bear some strikingly similar character traits. One thing is for sure: in a past life at least one of them was surely Eva Braun.

  4. that explains ALOT

  5. Wer'd dat crazy Wabbit go? Come here Wabbit, I'm gonna get you.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's some controls issues there. Good Luck with that.