Thursday, September 11, 2008


(Editor's note: This was a recent email sent to me by my cousin out in Arizona. I have reprinted it with her permission)

Speaking of not wanting to associate with Palin face women, I suffered a terrible insult Sunday at the fabric store. While discussing buttons in an aisle with two of my children, an older woman kept staring at us keenly. Finally, she spoke. I thought at first I was going to be lectured about my relationship with my children. But it became evident immediately that she was going to tell me who I resemble. Yep, I was ready. Ever since 2nd grade I've been called on my uncanny resemblance to Sally I smiled graciously and waited..........until the old battleaxe said the words that really smarted.........."You look just like Sarah Palin" (I WAS wearing glasses. My hair WAS dirty, therefore UP) This called for a HOLY WAR. "You are telling this to the WRONG Person" I responded. But she wasn't phased. "It could be your jaw line, or maybe it's the lower half of you face, but I've got a feeling you'll be hearing a lot of this." I went into spasms, foam and spit . Before my throat tightened in anaphalctic shock, I sputtered "That woman needs to go back to her own back yard and pay attention to what's going on beneath her own nose" to which the woman's response was "Well, I am a conservative." "Yes", I replied, "so am I, that's why I said what I said."

My children waited until she left and then said "MOM !!!How embarrassing." But then, these days, whatever I do embarrasses them.

('Nuf said. ed.)


  1. She showed copious amounts of self-control.

    She should get an Obama t-shirt (or 12) and wear them every day. That way (hopefully) people won't ever say that to her again!!

    The nerve of some folks...

  2. Maybe she should shop for buttons at the Democratic Fabric Store....

    btw, you "I'd like to order Sarah Palins head on a platter for my entree" were sitting across from the BIGGEST REPUBLICAN EVER at dinner the other night, and it wasn't me....

  3. And it wasn't M2 either...

  4. You should tell her what this really means is that she looks like Tina Fey.

  5. I have a feeling I know who that Kool-Aid Drinkers was, BJ and in retrospect I have to say that SHE displayed amazing control in what she did not say. I guess there are a few gun-toters out there that aren't all bad.