Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have had a few 'requests' to change the frappin' music on my blog since it is now Wednesday and I sort of missed this week's MUSIC MONDAY. Please accept my humble apology.
I did look in vain for some rousing THANKSGIVNG music but gee, it's tough to find. Other than 'Turkey in the Straw' and 'The Most Fattening Time of the Year' (?!) I didn't have much luck. Despite everyone already having their Christmas decorations up and cheerful Xmas music looping throughout Macy's I refuse to take the easy way out and put Nat King Cole on here before next week. SO, I decided to just post a song that has nothing to do with any holiday but is one I just happen to love and if I were visiting my blog would make me happy to listen to. I hope you enjoy it, too, and meanwhile, HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone. Be safe.

P.S. The first person to correctly guess why I used this photo to illustrate today's blog wins a special prize.


  1. The only thing that comes to mind is eggnog. Because we all like eggnog and the other stuff we put in it.
    BTW I like your music Monday's and your 'My Karma ran over your Dogma' post. My wife and I laughed are butts off.
    (:> Happy Holidays.

  2. was it a goose egg on finding Thanksgiving tunes?? THANK YOU for not putting on Turkey and the Straw...
    I LOVE the song, its divine....

    how was TG in Sooner land?

  3. Thank you, Something, and thanks for visiting my blogspace. I will return the favor.

    Both guesses are incorrect. I will reveal the answer tomorrow, assuming no one guesses correctly.

  4. I know -- you're ovulating! Which would make you even racier than usual, naturellement.

  5. Thanks for thinking I might still be capable of that, Camille. I heart you for that!

    Okay, there were no winners of my little contest. The answer was:

    "What does that have to do with the price of eggs?"

    (in other words, the song doesn't have anything to do with Thanksgiving).

    In hindsight, that might have been too obscure. I will try to improve my logic next time. Thanks!

  6. You could have put up the Chinese Symbol for 'Rots of Ruck' on that one!

    I like the ovulating answer, I almost asked if your house got egged...