Sunday, November 30, 2008


True to my word, I waited until AFTER Thanksgiving to post a Christmas song on Monday Music as I believe no holiday should ever get short shrift. Now that we have concluded Thanksgiving, however, I can, in good conscience, start posting some of my All Time Christmas Favs.

This is a busy time for us all and with so much to do to get ready for the Yuletide, I hope you will take time to thank your Higher Power for all that has been bestowed upon you and yours this past year and to say a prayer for Peace on Earth.


  1. OK, I HATE that I cannot listen to your tunes at work. Nat King Cole is one of my favorite Christmas what is the title of the choice for this Monday?

    Hope you had a lovely TG! Paco must be thrilled about those Sooners...I guess I'll be freezing my butt off at the Cotton Bowl on NYD at crack-thirty in the morning. I'm cold already...

  2. I hope you post my favorite - Santa Baby as sung by Eartha Kitt

  3. So sorry you are restricted in your listening choices at work, Sheila. I will have a word with your mean boss.

    Miss Thistle, thanks for the suggestion on Ms. Kitt. I will see if I can find her and include her next week.

  4. Grandma got run over by a reindeer always brings a tear to my eye...

  5. What does it do to Grandma's eye??!!

  6. Mmm. My #1 song on my #1 Christmas album list.

    Thank you. I'm ready now.