Monday, October 13, 2008


This is my contribution towards Lorrie's new blog design.
My suggestion for a new name would be Mudditations, carrying on with her very witty theme on her current site (I wish I could claim I thought that one up. Damn).
Further work is needed but I would also suggest adding links to the cucumber slices...


  1. G
    I love it! I hope LV gets out of the disco bath and gets over here!!
    she at least needs to add it to her line up of mugs
    drinking out of my clown suit right now

  2. OMGosh I LOVE IT.
    I wonder if I can add smellerama to the blog. Wouldn't it be nice to get a little whiff of apricot scrub along with that visual?

    I looked like this not too long ago. Except I was passed out and someone had drawn the cucumbers around my eyes in sharpie markers.

  3. Hello, I like the blog.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
    A hug from Portugal

  4. F#$%ING PORTUGAL!! R, you're international!

  5. Agradecimentos tanto para visitar meus blogue e boa vinda, Anastácio! Visite por favor frequentemente e nós faremos o mesmos.

  6. Thanks Girls for your accolades. I will put more ideas on my blog if I can think of anything, esp where to direct the cucumber links.

    Lorrie, watch those Sharpies.

  7. Look at you all International and even speak another language? I'm ridiculously psyched to *meet* you. By the way this idea for Lorrie is killer!! I think she should use this and add the aromatherapy Internet style as well.

    Rock on! (Insert Spanish version of Rock on here)

  8. I like the aromatherapy aspect, too, Lorrie and Natasha. Maybe sort of a scratch and sniff or some kind of oil that comes with the mug. Or just pour some Kaluha in with your morning coffee and imagine you're in Tahiti. I do that sometimes and it really helps me get through my office email a lot faster.

  9. apricot doesn't seem to be the smell I would ssociate with the S&*^ brown stuff slathered all ove the face on that mug.

    But what do I know?