Friday, October 3, 2008


I have so far been resisting the temptation to use my blog as a soapbox, preferring instead to peck away with some musings and perhaps a recipe or two, should I suddenly develop an interest in cooking. However, like a lot of folks these days (i.e., fedup taxpayers), I am reeling from the mess we used to call the economy and can no longer sit on my hands and watch the carnage without comment.

I think it is only fitting that the current rescue plan is euphemistically called a "bailout" since that typically involves parachutes. I find it highly ironic that the "bailout" is going to be used not only to save Wall Street execs, but some of our money will no doubt also go to their "Golden Parachutes". And who should be opposed to the inclusion of a line item limiting executive payouts? That would be Dubya and his minions. If it wasn't so mind-bogglingly irresponsible what the current administration has wrought on this country I would try and assign it some fancy poetic term. As it stands, I can only call it criminal.

I also think there should be some etiquette involved regarding what a lame duck president can and cannot do in the waning months of their presidency. Like not signing legislation that will only perpetuate the damage and destruction long after they are gone. Sort of an in-your-face final farewell, complete with confetti made from hot checks. I can think of lots of other heinous acts that I would like to see off-limits to them but I think this one is a good start.

Feel free to add to my list in the comments box and maybe we can send them all to Washington next week, just in time for the weekly Ollie North Shredding Party.


  1. hello there ... I am with you - no parashutes - how bout detention ...

    Go see Daddy Forever ... He needs a bailout too.

    I can't recall where I read it - but one blogger suggested that instead of paying out the big guys and rescuing them - you all just got a $300k tax break this year and the govt gave 'ordinary' amercians the money to prop up their ordinary lives while this whole thing passes by ....

    I thought that had merit.

    Cheers for now le


    Well, politically at least.

  3. I like the $300K tax break plan, Le. But is that Aussie or US dollars? That might make a difference whether or not I decide to start ranting about it or not.

    Thanks for visiting and please feel free to pass on more good money-saving tips!

  4. R
    Did I tell you that someone I know said that if you had an updo and glasses that you would look exactly like yourself with an updo and glasses??
    just jackin with ya....
    good post, I know how passionate you are about this. On the verge of needing meds, but I can say that about you. Because its true

  5. Me needing meds? Surely you jest.

    Actually, that's why I'm all about HRT I'm just saying.