Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Group e-mailed promotions for prescription drugs, 'male enhancement' pills

CHICAGO - Federal authorities in Chicago say they've shut down one of the largest spam e-mail operations in the world. The Federal Trade Commission says the group generated e-mails promoting sales of prescription drugs and "male enhancement" pills.

Now that the SPAM folks are supposedly out of business, I vote to hire Blue Man to be the spokespersons for The Little Blue Pill. I think a man need only look at their round, blue, smooth heads to be instantly reminded that it's "time to take my pill!" Imagine, never having to worry about that again right before heading out for the evening with your Trophy Wife?!

(editor's note: where are their ears?)


  1. I got so many of those on my old email address that said
    Penis too small? Want to make her beg for more all night? you can be the master in your bed...

    I thought they were coming from India, by the Sprint CS team when they weren't taking calls......

    those blue men are scary...is viagra blue? do women really take it too? I need some ed-u-ca-shun on this if I'm going to be single again, I'm just sayin

  2. Yes, Viagra is AKA The Little Blue Pill and it is indeed blue. While not something that can be found in my own household (ah-hem) some of our Baby Boomer set may be on the verge of needing it so it's never too late to know the salient details about it.

    For future ref, one might want to consider investing in a batch of Cialis instead. I understand there is a longer "window of opportunity" to use it. That can help should your date dose off and the subject have to be revisted after their nap. That "coitus interuptus" can be so pesky.

  3. you know way too much about this..
    bring some to PK.
    smuggle it in under that hat

  4. Like I said, I don't have any. Thank goodness.

    Ask Alan B. about his Viagra experience a few years ago. You will howl.

  5. WAIT...do you think the ears or lack thereof is a side effect of the Viagra?

    "May cause willy to be happier for longer than anticipated, loss of ears and/or death.."

  6. I love the side effects for the meds for restless leg syndrome..
    may cause excessive alcohol consumption and gambling addiction
    Swear that is what is says...
    makes my leg shake just thinking of the fun...

  7. BJ, are you talking about Lunesta? My hubby takes that! Perhaps that's why I keep finding dice & cards laying around...and empty Guinness cans...hmmm

    Now, as for those ears: I don't think they have any.

  8. oops! I meant Lyrica...

  9. Sheila-lol, mixing up lunesta and viagra? One makes you sleep and one makes you go to bed. Again and Again and Again. All Night Long. And Maybe even Twice in The Morning.

    Not that we have ever tried that in this house.

  10. whatever the meds are for RLS, I say take the pills and head to Vegas!!

    LV, you DO call him Sexyhusbandofyours...lucky devil...

    guess I need to brush up on the drugs that make you WANT TO GO TO BED for multiple reasons....

  11. Bj, you so need a "date" right now. Sheila and I are on it!

  12. Can't we just look at profiles for her on match.com to find her a nice ranch hand?

  13. come play with me and Lorrie and Thystle on Twitter!
    twitter.com/kwr221 - you can find the rest on my followers list.

  14. Yes- Racie- come twitter.
    You can find me at LorrieMud
    Bring BJ and a bottle and we'll meet you there.

  15. Gracie- Email me at LVMud@aol.com can't figure out how to contact you via your blog

    'S important